Saturday, October 1, 2016

The late 2000s was a great challenge to economies the world over and many people have become skeptical of the global banking system and its values and the irresponsible habits of Governments and institutions that manage the economies. As the corruption within the financial industry becomes increasingly apparent, people are seeking new avenues for banking and finance. Various systems that compliment or compete with the banking and finance sectors have come and over the years offering people alternatives to the status quo.

Through the Fame project, we are bringing cryptocurrency advantages to bear into the financial industry merging these two economic trends together. Fame is the logical next step in the sustainable business movement: to make money itself sustainable and aligned with the values of its customers. In the same way that conscious consumers can choose products and services that align with their values, consumers and likeminded companies would now be able to choose to use an alternate currency that holds to ethical and sustainable values.

Fame will begin with a viral social Photo tipping app and move on to becoming one of the widely integrated cryptocurrency with a wide user base like Bitcoin, Monero, Dash and Ethereum by putting up many social activities online to get as many users as possible.

Famecoin listed on ICO-LIST while we prepare to go live!
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Name: Famecoin
Ticker: FAME
MAX MONEY: 50,000,000 FAME
Pre-Mine : 32% ( 16,000,000 FAME )
ICO : 15,000,000 FAME @ 200sat each
Bounties : 620,000 FAME
Reseved : 380, 000 FAME for other Dev Bounties that might popup.
Block Time : 30sec
Algorithm : Qubit PoW + PoS Hybrid
PoW length: 2,125,000 blocks (~2 years)
PoW generated supply: 34,000,000 FAME
PoW block reward: 16 FAME ( 2 Dev + 14 Miner)
PoW block halving: none
Block maturity: 25 blocks
Transaction confirmation: 10 blocks
PoS starts in 1 week after Launch
PoS reward: 5% annual
Minimum coin age for staking: 6 hours
Maximum coin age for staking: none
P2P port: 52758
RPC port: 52768

Total amount available for Bounties : 620,000 FAME
Translations : 200,000 FAME
Signature : 200,000 FAME
Signature Design : 20,000 FAME
Social (Twitter & Facebook) : 100,000 FAME
Article/news : 50,000 FAME
Promo-Videos : 50,000 FAME